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How to Get More Verified Reviews On Amazon

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It’s safe to assume for me that you have already read other articles and watched few videos on the same topic – how to get more verified reviews on Amazon. For many of you it’s not even getting ‘more’ verified review. Maybe you have only started selling on Amazon and  need some reviews on your new product so that you can start marketing on it. Season sellers who have been selling for a long time on Amazon also face the same issue with their new products.

In 2018 it has become so hard that it’s nearly impossible to get reviews. But sellers, specially smart sellers are finding ways to accumulate reviews. Some of these techniques may not be what you call ‘white hat’ but when you have exhausted all other options to get reviews sometime you’ll have to bend the rules a bit.

Getting Reviews For a New Product

For a long time asking friends and family to leave unverified reviews to your new product worked just fine. It seemed like Amazon didn’t mind sellers doing that either. Then from Feb 2018 Amazon started cracking down on unverified review. Either people can no longer leave unverified review or even if they are capable of leaving reviews, in few days they get deleted by Amazon.

Also somehow Amazon is finding out who your friends and family are. Even if you live in different continents, they will find out about this. Numerous sellers have received warning from Amazon where they specifically indicated that you can’t do this anymore or face lifetime suspension.

So how do you get some initial reviews then? The simple answer is – I know, I know, I am self promoting here but hear me out at least. We have a group of 4500 eager buyers that are identity verified. By identity verified I mean – one of our staff members has spoken at least once over the phone with each buyer who got added to our group. We made sure these are people currently living in USA, they understand what we want from them and they are from a decent background who values fair transaction.

We use this large pool of buyers to gather reviews for Amazon sellers. Say you have a new product with zero reviews on it and you need 20 reviews to begin with. When you place an order with us we take the main image of your product and show it to our entire group. As soon as we get 20 people showing interest in buying the product we give them instruction on how to buy the product. By instruction I mean we may give them a keyword embedded Super URL (which we will ask you to provide us) or get them to search on Amazon using a particular keyword and then buy your product.

When all 20 buyers complete buying your product we will send you a list that will have their name, Amazon order ID and their PayPal email address. You will then have to refund them using PayPal within 24 hours of receiving the list. It takes Amazon up to 5 days to deliver a product. We ask our reviewers to gradually leave reviews within 2-3 weeks of receiving the product. We specifically ask them not to leave reviews too early and wait at least one week after receiving the product.

There is one problem to this whole system and that is – the harsh reality of Amazon review game is – from time to time Amazon may restrict our reviewers from leaving reviews. We take every action possible to avoid this but in case it happens we instruct the reviewer to leave a seller feedback and also share the link of your product in their Facebook/twitter/Instagram. But this may only happens to less than 5% of all the reviewers. So, say, if you order 20 reviews, you may end up getting 18 reviews. Don’t worry, Amazon don’t do anything to the seller if this kind of restrictions apply to the buyer.

Place an order for reviews right now from here.

Getting Reviews For an Old Product

By old product I mean a product that you have been selling for a while and getting regular sales but not getting enough reviews.

Now, I can bet that you are probably already following a method which 95% Amazon Gurus suggest to get reviews for your product which is already selling well. And that is to send a sequence of messages begging for reviews. Well, this method used to work well but not so much since Amazon allowed buyers to opt from receiving message from seller. And since there are some sellers who abused the hell out of this seller-buyer messages system by sending annoying messages every day and flooding their email inbox… about 80% of buyers have opted out from receiving messages. You can guess how many reviews you would actually get when only 20% of the buyers get your review request.

Given this current situation we have found a way that works like magic in accumulating reviews. Don’t worry, no need to pay us for this. We are revealing this secret free of charge. Why? Well, I don’t know, maybe if you get help from this you will come and use our other services such as Giveaways Product Text & Product Images

Here is the idea: you send a message to buyers offering gifts and subtly ask for reviews.Here is an example of the message you would send:

Hi ‘First Name’,

You are one of our first hundred buyers of our ‘XYZ Product’. As a big thank you, we would like to offer you a gift. We have a Metal Multi Tool Card for you. Please have a look at the attached image and let us know which color would you like.

Also, if you haven’t already, please leave a quick review for the product. Even a two words review would mean a lot for a family owned and operated business like ours.

It’s a click away – [review link]

Jasmin & Mike

I know, I know, some of you are screaming – ‘Hey, that’s bribing, amazon’s gonna suspend the hell out of your account’.

No, it’s not. Offering gifts as a token of appreciation is not illegal as per Amazon.

Also, asking for reviews is not illegal as per Amazon.

Combine these to legal things together and you have nothing illegal going on.

Most importantly, you are not putting the ‘review leaving’ part as a condition for the buyers to claim that gift. The gift is offered without any condition. We are merely reminding them to leave a review.

Few things to notice –

I asked them to choose a color and reply me with the name of color instead of just offering a gift that they can claim simply by replying “Yes, I will take the gift”.

We want them to take action, work hard (!) for this gift so that they also take the action of actually leaving a review by clicking that link.

What do you offer as a gift?

Sure, you can offer an iPad as a gift but that’s not going to be financially viable for you ha ha. So you go to Ali express and find products that are under $2 (including ePacket shipping) and ship it to their address which you can find from their order details. It might take 12 days to arrive but people won’t complain as they are getting this as a gift. Plus you get to let them know about this shipping time on your reply email when they tell you what color they want-

Hi ‘First Name’,

Thank you so much for accepting the gift. We will ship the color you have chosen right away. Please keep in mind, due to high demand it might take longer than usual for the gift to arrive at your place.

Jasmin & Mike

Check out how cheap multi tool card is in aliexpress (including shipping)

When is a good time to send this message?

2 weeks from the order date. But you can send this to all the people who have ever bought from you.

We have observed of getting 25% review submission for every 100 gift messages sent. Which is amazing.

So how do you actually send these messages manually? Here is how –

Go to Orders > Manage orders > Advanced Search

Then search for all the orders that you received two weeks before

After that you will see the list of orders you have received within that timeframe. Click on one order and it will take you to the order details page for that order. Over there you will see a tiny ‘Mail’ icon. Click on that.

After that it will open up the interface where you can type in the message. It will give you some pre-defined subjects to choose from. Select the ‘Feedback Request’ from the list.

Sending message like this has 100% delivery rate. Meaning even if the seller as opted out from receiving message from seller this kind of messages will still go through.

If you have found this article helpful then share this with your fellow sellers. 

If you have any question you may leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP.

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