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Do 90% Off Promo Code Still Work For Ranking Amazon Keyword?

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Here is my direct answer – NO.

Surprised? I was too.

This goes against everything that your typical Amazon gurus will tell you and make you believe in. The heavily discounted coupon code does not work any more for keyword ranking. I am saying ‘not any more’ because they use to work just fine up until mid February 2018. Then amazon started sending emails warning people for ranking manipulation. All of the sellers who have received such warnings at some point used ranking services where the main method is to give away a lot of your inventory at a discounted price.

Soon enough amazon realised that this is the actual definition of ‘incentivising’ people to gain better ranking. And they are right about it. I mean think for a second – when you offer 90% off on a product a lot of buyers would raise their hand as oppose to selling it at a full price. You are incentivising them by offering that 90% off.

Amazon does not want these artificial buyers. They want buyers purchasing products at a full price. The reason is simple – full priced purchase means more money for amazon. And are you surprised that amazon would always try their best to earn more money?

So in brief amazon does not like heavily discounted purchases because –

1. These discount seeking buyers brings very little value to their store
2. Amazon earns less money due to heavy discount

Since amazon does not like this practice of heavy discount then how can you expect them to reward you with better ranking position?

So how do you solve this problem? You will still have to rank your product right? Because without keyword ranking you won’t be able to sell your product organically.

To understand how to solve this problem you need to understand how Amazon’s ranking system works. First of all, nobody knows how this works. Absolutely nobody expect for those 400+ employees who work at Amazon’s A9.  So do not trust anyone who is claiming – I know how amazon’s ranking system works.

However, when you try certain methods and it works out to rank your keyword, you can safely assume that this particular method should work for all products. And in most cases that’s what happens in reality.

At AMZ Creatives we tried a lot of different types of ranking methods and this is what we have found – You need to have sales. You need a sudden spike in sales in order to get you product wherever it is now to a higher ranking position under a certain keyword. And when I am saying sales I don’t mean plain and simple sales.

Purchases must take place using a Super URL that has your targeted keyword embedded within it. And whoever is purchasing your product using the super URL, must originate from a ‘Ad Source’ such as a Facebook Ad or Google Adwords. Also the purchases must have multiple units in one order.

Now the question is how the heck do you get all these purchases? That’s were AMZ Creatives does it’s magic. We have pool of 4500+ buyers. They can go and buy your product using Super URL in multiple units at full price. And yes, we use special programming trick to make it look like the traffic has originated from a Facebook advert or Google advert. Of-course you will have to refund these buyers via Paypal for the amount they would spend in buying your product.

Now you probably have 2 questions in mind. One is – why do you need multiple units in one order? Second one – why the traffic needs to be originated from a Facebook Ad or Google Ad?

Well, when you do multiple units purchase you get priority over all other sellers who are selling single units per order. So your journey towards the first page will be lot faster.

The reason why we originate the traffic from an advertising source is because when you get people to directly copy and paste the Super URL; amazon sees that as suspicious activity. But when it sees that the traffic has come from an advertising source it’s much more natural process as people run ads all the time.

If you are wondering how many artificial purchases you need to rank your product to the first page of a keyword – well, it depends on how far back your product is currently ranked and how competitive your niche is. On average it takes around 40/50 full priced purchases to get to the first page. You would have a better idea of how many purchases you actually need after you get started. Say you just did 30 purchases and this took your product from page 11 to page 2 for a certain keyword. So another 10/15 purchase should be enough to take it all the way to the first page.


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    is this also for EU marketplaces?

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