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Amazon Deleted All My Reviews – Action Plan

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You wake up one morning and see that the 77 reviews you had on a certain product has gone down to 68. Like many amazon sellers you assume that is must be a glitch on amazon’s part and you’ll deal with it when the time comes. In less than 24 hours you see all your reviews disappearing gradually and you call your business partner screaming – amazon deleted all my reviews .

Many products were impacted by Amazon’s latest algorithm change. The latest TOS change and the change to Amazon’s algorithm stripped many honest and dishonest sellers as well of their listings product reviews.

apart from splitting the reviews of variation products, they also blocked certain products for getting product reviews.

The following link demonstrates how you can check if your product is eligible for getting product reviews. You should just replace the brackets in the end of the link to your ASIN, put that into your URL and hit enter.[Your ASIN]

You can’t check for yourselves so ask someone who has at least 50$ worth of purchases made on their account to do this test for you.

those who are blocked from getting product reviews will get the following message:

Those who were not impacted by the latest change will get the following message

According to our findings – in the niece we are selling, many big leading brands got their listings blocked from leaving product reviews as well.


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