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Why Can’t I Edit My Amazon Listing?

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#Amazon is not updating the changes I made to my listing. I am sure a lot of has faced this problem multiple times during your time as a seller on Amazon. There are actually two different reasons why this happens. 1. Amazon has protected the rights to edit a particular ASIN – This is something they do to an ASIN once you’ve had the listing up for a while and it’s the type of product that are easily hijacked. So amazon puts a bar to all edits (most of the times it’s the title and images) made to a listing unless the ownership of the ASIN is proven to them. 2. You have product that is listed in parent child model – When you have a product that has multiple variations of colors and/or sizes you are required to list them on Amazon using Parent-Child method. With the parent child listing there are 2 methods that amazon uses a. DPM – In this model, whatever details you put in as Title, Bullet Points, Description into the Parent ASIN will be shown on the public page of every child under that parent. b. DCM – In this model, whatever details you…

Amazon Deleted All My Reviews – Action Plan

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You wake up one morning and see that the 77 reviews you had on a certain product has gone down to 68. Like many amazon sellers you assume that is must be a glitch on amazon’s part and you’ll deal with it when the time comes. In less than 24 hours you see all your reviews disappearing gradually and you call your business partner screaming – amazon deleted all my reviews . Many products were impacted by Amazon’s latest algorithm change. The latest TOS change and the change to Amazon’s algorithm stripped many honest and dishonest sellers as well of their listings product reviews. apart from splitting the reviews of variation products, they also blocked certain products for getting product reviews. The following link demonstrates how you can check if your product is eligible for getting product reviews. You should just replace the brackets in the end of the link to your ASIN, put that into your URL and hit enter.[Your ASIN] You can’t check for yourselves so ask someone who has at least 50$ worth of purchases made on their account to do this test for you. those who are blocked from getting product reviews will get the…

Do 90% Off Promo Code Still Work For Ranking Amazon Keyword?

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Here is my direct answer – NO. Surprised? I was too. This goes against everything that your typical Amazon gurus will tell you and make you believe in. The heavily discounted coupon code does not work any more for keyword ranking. I am saying ‘not any more’ because they use to work just fine up until mid February 2018. Then amazon started sending emails warning people for ranking manipulation. All of the sellers who have received such warnings at some point used ranking services where the main method is to give away a lot of your inventory at a discounted price. Soon enough amazon realised that this is the actual definition of ‘incentivising’ people to gain better ranking. And they are right about it. I mean think for a second – when you offer 90% off on a product a lot of buyers would raise their hand as oppose to selling it at a full price. You are incentivising them by offering that 90% off. Amazon does not want these artificial buyers. They want buyers purchasing products at a full price. The reason is simple – full priced purchase means more money for amazon. And are you surprised that amazon…

How to Get More Verified Reviews On Amazon

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It’s safe to assume for me that you have already read other articles and watched few videos on the same topic – how to get more verified reviews on Amazon. For many of you it’s not even getting ‘more’ verified review. Maybe you have only started selling on Amazon and  need some reviews on your new product so that you can start marketing on it. Season sellers who have been selling for a long time on Amazon also face the same issue with their new products. In 2018 it has become so hard that it’s nearly impossible to get reviews. But sellers, specially smart sellers are finding ways to accumulate reviews. Some of these techniques may not be what you call ‘white hat’ but when you have exhausted all other options to get reviews sometime you’ll have to bend the rules a bit. Getting Reviews For a New Product For a long time asking friends and family to leave unverified reviews to your new product worked just fine. It seemed like Amazon didn’t mind sellers doing that either. Then from Feb 2018 Amazon started cracking down on unverified review. Either people can no longer leave unverified review or even if…